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Circular Design Deep Dive

The Conference

From 22.-24.06.2022 we dived into the topic of Circular Design with lectures, workshops and networking. The event was a cooperation of Fab City Hamburg and the Design Zentrum Hamburg. We invited international and local experts (here all experts and talks) to present best practices and visionary projects that demonstrate how the economy can be designed in a circular way. These examples were then discussed in workshops to develop applicable Principles for Circular Design.

If you want to learn more about Circular Design itself, read our blog post ”Circular Design“.


The event aims to highlight circular design through success stories of already existing SMEs, scientific research consultant agencies. Other focuses are on the education of sustainable design and the technologies that support or enable circular design. Furthermore, product requirements will be discussed together with political directives and regulatory mechanisms. Special emphasis will be placed on the design of locally produced products, open source strategies of collaborative production, and digital fabrication processes. The aim is to stimulate a broad interest in the topic and to demonstrate the extent to which the technologies developed by INTERFACER can support Circular Design. The event series aims to create a forum where the various local and international stakeholders can meet, exchange ideas and jointly develop strategies and solutions in workshops. But it is also intended to raise awareness in industry, politics and society for this central topic of the circular economy.


The expected outcome of the event and the workshops is the formulation of principles and recommendations on how Circular Design can be implemented in practice.

Read the newly formulated principles made in Hamburg during the CDDD conference here:

Throwback to our Expert Panel and Topics

Wednesday 22.06.22 - Public Event “What is Circular Design?” (needs registration)

The opening session gives an introduction to circular design from different perspectives and through success stories.

TimeSpeaker / Topic
17:00Greetings - Jens Kerstan, Hamburg Senator for the Environment
17:15Greetings Design Zentrum Hamburg - Frances Uckermann
17:30Opening Words CDDD - Wolf Kühr
17:45Introduction CDDD: Method & Moderation - Michael Ziehl
18:00Digital Product Passport & Ecodesign for sustainable Products directive
EU Commission DG Connect- Brussels, Almut Nagel, Policy Officer
18:30Circular design - the challenge is in the details
Econcept - Cologne, Ursula Tischner, CEO
19:00Digitally fabricated circular designed furniture
Stykka - Copenhagen, Rasmus Taun, CEO
20:00Network Event

Thursday 23.06.22 - Morning: Moderated Workshop (needs registration)

This morning session is focusing on education. What are the new skills and competencies a designer needs to make and think circular design? After a short input session, we will elaborate key principles of this topic.

TimeSpeaker / Topic
09:45Coffee & Snacks
10:15Wrap up last day
10:30Input Session: Education & Circular Design
10:45Education for sustainable fashion design: Elena Ianeselli Lottozero - Prato
11:00Circular product design: Eric Pfromm Academy for fashion and design - Hamburg
11:30Workshop : Education & CD

23.06.22 - Afternoon: Moderated Workshop (needs registration)

This session explore the potentials of distributed design and how it enables local production and global collaboration. After a short input session, we will elaborate key principles of this topic.

TimeSpeaker / Topic
14:00Input Session: Distributed & Circular design
14:15Distributed Design : Marion Real Fab Lab Barcelona
14:30Fab City Operating System: Raphael Haus - Interfacer Team Hamburg
15:00Workshop: Distributed Design & CD

23.06.22 - Evening: “Open source by nature” (needs registration)

Key speakers will introduce to the topic of bio-based regenerative materials and how they can overcome the linear economy.

TimeSpeaker / Topic
18:00From human- to species- centred design
Studio Aikieu - Malmö, Jenny Lee, Founder
18:30Naturally grown packaging & interior design products
Grown.bio - Amsterdam, Arthur Moree, CEO

Friday 24.06.22 - Morning: Moderated Workshop (needs registration)

This session questions on how a product needs to be designed in order to go back into material flows in the end of its lifetime. After a short input session, we will elaborate key principles of this topic.

TimeSpeaker / Topic
09:45Coffee & Snacks
10:15Wrap up last day
10:30Input Session: Product Requirement & Circular Design
10:45The refrigerator case study: Wuppertal Institut, Christoph Tochtrop
11:00Circular fashion by design House of All - Hamburg, Sarah Buerger
11:30Workshop : Product Requirement & CD

24.06.22 - Afternoon: Moderated Workshop (needs registration)

In this session we will conclude the differnts principles from the other session to a short and well comprehensive list of recommandation and principles of circular design.

TimeSpeaker / Topic
14:00Workshop: Elaboration of the Circular Design Principles and recommendations

24.06.22 - Evening: Public event “The right narrative to get people on board” (needs registration)

This session is focusing on storytelling and narratives that is needed to fullfill the change towards a responsible and sustainable design.

TimeSpeaker / Topic
18:00Exploded view beyond building a biobased, circular house
Biobased Creations, Amsterdam, Lucas de Man, CEO
18:30Science-based comic: The impossibilities of the Circular Economy
SAXION University, Netherlands, Christoph Hinske, Associate Professor
19.00Public presentation of the Circular Design Principles and recommendations
co-created by the participant of the workshop
19:30Q & R + discussion
20:00Come together & Networking


Concept & Curation  Wolf Kühr
Concept & Design  Annika Fitz
Event Management Anna Moritz
Communication Isabel Neuendorf, Dr. Jacqueline Bertlich
Head of Design Zentrum Hamburg Frances Uckermann
Moderation  Dr. Michael Ziehl
Graphic Design Oliver Schwartz

A cooperation of INTERFACER (Fab City Hamburg e.V. and Hamburger Institut für Wertschöpfungssystematik und Wissensmanagement UG) and the Design Zentrum Hamburg, with the support of the Fab City Foundation. Funded by the European Union in the framework of the INTERFACER project.





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