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Zero Carbon Roadshow

The Zero Carbon Roadshow is one of the outreach activities of the INTERFACER project: In order to build a digital infrastructure for Fab Cities, an initial network of social relationships based on trust and personal contacts is needed. On the other hand, it aims to create a strong narrative to communicate the underlying values of the Fab City and INTERFACER’s core product, the Fab City Operating System (OS), to a broad public. Cycling is nowadays a strong synonym for alternative lifestyle, new forms of consumption and travel, environmental awareness, work life balance…) with a strong media resonance on the bike tour specific social media channels. Follow the trip on Instagram @fabcityhh and #zercarbonroadshow

The 0 CO₂ Roadshow will take 4 major stops, starting in Hamburg the 06.07.22:

Amsterdam 13. - 16.7.22
Paris 26. - 30.7.22
Rhône Alpes Region 09. - 13.8.22
Barcelona 24. - 27.8.22

At each stop, communication activities will take place. Also, We will produce a podcast during the trip, interviewing people we met along the way. The total distance of the trip is about 2300 km.

Leg 1: Hamburg > Amsterdam

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Venue Walkthrough 1: De Waag

Venue Walkthrough 2: Fiction Factory

Trip description

Trip description coming soon

Leg 2: Amsterdam > Paris

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Venue Walkthrough 3: Fab Lab “Wapi” in Tournai / Belgium

Venue Walkthrough 4: L’Hermitage

Leg 3: Paris > Clermont-Ferrand

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Leg 4: Clermont-Ferrand > Barcelona

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An initiative of INTERFACER (Fab City Hamburg e.V. and Hamburger Institut für Wertschöpfungssystematik und Wissensmanagement UG), with the support of the Fab City Foundation. Funded by the European Union in the framework of the INTERFACER project.






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