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Fab City Summit Bali

The Bali Fab Fest is the world’s biggest digital fabrication event for local and global innovators to accelerate Bali’s transition towards a regenerative economy. It is a unique event in which the 17th Fab Lab Conference and the 7th Fab City Summit will converge.

The thematic focus in Bali is “Designing Emergent Realities”, aiming to boost the transformation of the island’s economy through the harnessing of local and global knowledge. Our efforts will be orchestrated using the Fab City Full Stack, a multiscalar framework for developing new strategies for distributed production in cities and regions.

Fab City Hamburg team together with Thomas Diez, Founding partner and director of Fab City Foundation, and Neil Gershenfield, Director Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT. This photo was made right after Bali became the first Fab Island ever at 17th of October – Huge congrats.


The INTERFACER and Fab City Hamburg team will be present in Bali with several presentations:

15.10., 11:00 - 12:00Talk: Fab City OS: From Circular Economy to Distributed Design & ManufacturingAdam Burns
15.10., 12:00 - 12:30Panel: The Fab City Operating SystemRaphael Haus, Wolf Kühr
17.10., 8:00 - 12:00Workshop: Fab City OS go to market strategyRaphael Haus, Wolf Kühr
19.10., 8:00 - 12:00Workshop: OSH Build Workshop - Libre Solar BoxMichel Langhammer, Mohammed Omer
19.10., 8:00 - 9:00Panel: Democratising Fab Labs with open source machine toolsMohammed Omer

For all those who could not make it to Bali, here are a few impressions in our Vlog:


1. FCOS Matrix Channel

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Slack, Discord, Telegram, Teams … there are many services and programs for instant electronic communication. Element is a Matrix-based decentralised collaboration and messaging platform. Decentralised means that there is no central point of control or authority. A company or organisation can simply host its own server and participate in the Matrix network. This ensures unmatched scalability, security and resilience. Matrix has over 60 million users and is growing fast. The Fab City Hamburg Community uses Element as well as many Universities, Germany’s healthcare organizations or the European Meeting of Free & Open source Software Developers e.g. Also Matrix will be part of the FCOS software kit for Fab Cities.

2. FCOS Demo Sessions

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One goal of the INTERFACER project is to build, test and validate an open-source digital infrastructure in the form of a federated network to build up and run a local and yet globally connected value creation system. Along the concept of commons-based peer production and throughout the product life cycle, the so-called Fab City OS (OS = Operating System) shall enable cities and regions to bundle, systematize and share data, information and knowledge generated in global networks and communities of practice in order to produce physical artifacts locally in a distributed, sustainable and resilient manner. We are looking to collect first impressions, discover best practices and gather suggestions for features and fresh ideas from OSH Designers, Manufacturers and FabCities representatives. Are you interested in joining this process? Be our guest!

3. FCOS Podcast

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We are producing a Podcast series that will be realeased via the Fab City Hamburg YouTube Channel. Expert talks about Technologies and Tokenomics, the legal side of open innovation as well as sustainability and circularity await you. Featuring the Fab City Operating System Developers from dyne , experts from the Bucerius Law School and many more.

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Wolf Kuehr Picture

Wolf Kuehr

Communication & International Collaboration - Fab City Hamburg e.V.


Wolf Kühr is a research-oriented creative worker, with a focus on design and digital sustainable production. He has 25 years of experience in the design, coordination and realization of international projects located at the intersection of creative industries, research and new technologies. His focus is on designing the material, social and digital aspects of ecosystems to create new forms of collaboration, learning and production. Wolf holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Berlin and a master’s degree from the Ecole National Superieur de la Création Industrielle in Paris. He worked on several EU-funded research projects, including “Centrinno”,“Post social media Club”. Actually he leads the communication for the EU project Interfacer on behalf of the Fab City Hamburg e.V. and is teaching Design & Innovation in Paris and Cologne. He is associated partner of the creative and productive Hub Volumes in Paris, and board member of the European Creative Hub Network.


Chat with Wolf or join the offical FCOS Channel via Matrix Element

Raphael Haus Picture

Raphael Haus

Chief Operative Officer (INTERFACER project) - Fab City Hamburg e.V.


Raphael Haus is a member of the development team of the digital infrastructure for Fab Cities. Together with a team of experts in software development and research he is partnering with many organisations to bring forward the development. He has a multidisciplinary background in Engineering, Design and Entrepreneurship.


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