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The exhibition offers a compilation of three series, that together give a unique insight into the collaboration between Hamburg citizens, makers, scientists, innovators, pupils & students together with local artisans and FabLabs.

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The Fab City Hamburg Maker Challenge is a public ideas competition that called on all citizens of Hamburg and the metropolitan regions in 2022 to get involved in developing and evaluating product ideas that can be manufactured locally in the Fab City Hamburg in the future. A total of 95 ideas were submitted. The Maker Challenge was searching for ideas and concepts for physical products that could be manufactured in a Fab(rication) Lab, providing a social, ecological or innovative benefit. Classic product innovations and functional improvements of existing products could also be submitted. The Maker Challenge was also intended to build up a local community of so-called makers (i.e., people who are able or will be able to independently design, manufacture or repair products). In the future, this innovation community can be involved in finding solutions or generating ideas for specific socially relevant questions or problems in the form of idea competitions via an innovation platform. The Maker Challenge is part of the EU-EFRE project INTERFACER.


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“Building for all” - with this motto the three-month free workshop series of the EU-EFRE funded INTERFACER project on sustainability, open-source principles and production techniques started in January. The hands-on workshops are a collaboration with local associations and companies from the Fab City network. With the goal of testing and exploring the possibilities of local and open production in Hamburg, a wide variety of products and prototypes will be manufactured and assembled in Hamburg’s open workspaces (Fab Labs) using open-source hardware documentation and guidance from workshop trainers. All build instructions for each of the prototypes exhibited at #tfom23 will be documented in detail with an open-source license, which entitles anyone worldwide to rebuild the prototype and freely redesign it according to local requirements like taste, size or functionality.


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The New Production Institute (NPI) at Helmut Schmidt University focuses on urban value creation through distributed and open manufacturing workspaces that are accessible to everyone. In the context of Fab City, the NPI aims to explore new approaches at the interface between open-source software and hardware, and to demonstrate how the economical integration of professional open-source hardware designs can be brought. The design and development of three prototypes that follow the principles of circular design and could be produced in an Open Lab or a microfactory will serve as pilot products in collaboration with INDEED to test the Fab City OS digital platform developed in the INTERFACER project.


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